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I have facilitated for a diverse range of clients who have all had their own unique set of intentions when it comes to taking part in a psilocybin therapy session.  Whether you're being called to work with psilocybin with the intent of healing trauma, depression, anxiety, managing grief, dealing with end-of-life anxiety, reevaluating and addressing behaviors that no longer serve you (such as addiction), connecting with your inner purpose, finding meaning, perspective, spiritual growth; whatever your personal motivation is, I am here to support you through the process in a nondirective, nonjudgmental, confidential, and compassionate way.

While the psilocybin experience itself can vary greatly from person to person, it's the personal experiential nature of this treatment that brings about pronounced and lasting benefits. These benefits arise out of your own inner healing wisdom and a deeper connection with your higher self in a way that helps resolve inner turmoil and misalignments to address root causes rather than just symptoms.

If you are ready to take the next step in your personal journey of healing and self-discovery, please schedule your free consultation by clicking on the "Book Now" button below.

What does the rest of the process look like?

Once we schedule a psilocybin session with the service center of your choice, we will book a preparation session (generally 4-14 days prior).  There is no set time limit on how long we will work together to make sure you are properly prepared for your upcoming journey, but this process generally takes about two hours.  In the preparation session(s) I will walk you through every aspect of what to expect on the day of your journey, we will discuss what the effects of psilocybin may be like, work together to plan your ideal dose, develop the modes of support to be utilized during the psilocybin session that will be of greatest benefit to you, provide you with the tools necessary to pass through challenges that may arise during your experience, discuss how best to prepare yourself mentally and physically leading up to the psilocybin session, and discuss other ways we may customize your session to provide you with as comfortable and reassuring a setting for your journey as possible while maximizing the benefits you will take away from the experience.



I will do my best to schedule a start time that allows you to approach the day as swell rested and stress free as possible.  When you arrive at the center, I will be there to greet you and will have a space prepared.  My goal is help make this day as relaxed and easy to navigate for you as possible.  I will be there to support you through every aspect of your experience, and to provide you with a safe and reassuring presence and setting that allows you to go with the experience, wherever that may take you.  Your needs, comfort, and safety will be looked after as carefully as possible.  Your session is also my sole commitment for the day.  Session lengths do vary depending on the person and the dose, but no part of the process is rushed, and you will have access to the space and my services until we are certain you are ready to depart and rejoin the world.  When you are ready to leave the center I will provide you with tips for self-care, regrounding, meaning making, and beginning the integration process.


Integrating your experience into daily life is the most important part of the process.  As a regular part of my facilitation services, I include two integration sessions. The first is held within a few days of the psilocybin session.  In this session we discuss how the experience connected with your intentions entering the session; we will work on meaning making; regrounding; goal setting; and develop achievable plans of action that are based on your insights and desires.  The second session usually takes place a few weeks after your psilocybin session.  In this session we discuss anything that feels unresolved, shifts that may have occurred, check-in on progress made with plans of action developed in the first session, and discuss how you can reconnect with the experience if it begins to feel distant.

I am also available to my clients for additional support outside of these sessions.  Additional integration sessions can be scheduled for $100 / session.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are a fantastic way to share a unique experience with friends, family, partners, and groups with shared intentions.  They are also a good way of lowering the overall cost to the individual participant.  If you are interested in booking a group session, please schedule your free consultation to discuss the details of your session, the available options, and overall cost.

Service Center Options and Cost

The state of Oregon also requires that we host your session at a licensed Service Center.  I have established good relationships with several service centers including in the greater Portland area, Hood River, Bend, and Ashland. The cost of the service center hosting your session can range between $500 and $1000.  Schedule your consultation to discuss which option is best suited for you.

Facilitator fee: 1,200 (includes every aspect of the services listed in the previous section).  There are also reduced rates for people who are receiving some forms of public assistance, or under special circumstances.  Schedule Your consultation to discuss cost options. 

The Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms are available in several different strains. Total cost is b
ased on the size of your dose but is generally around $5/mg of psilocybin content. 


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