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More About ME

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My Background and Philosophy

Hi, I'm a passionate and experienced psilocybin facilitator.  In the short time psilocybin therapy has been legally available I have lead practicums for students completing their psilocybin facilitation training, taught classes with the Changa Institute's psilocybin facilitator certification program, facilitated for both groups and individual clients (including groups of licensed facilitators), assisted several service centers through the process of hosting their first sessions, and have been a part of panel discussions on psilocybin legalization for the American Bar Association and the American Judges Association.

Throughout my life I have worked to promote growth, healing, and development in the wider world. This calling has taken me from working on endangered species recovery

Matthew Wissler with a young Llama

projects, to classroom teaching, to youth development and crisis intervention.  I also have a strong ethic of volunteerism which has lead me to work on several ecological restoration projects and community construction projects.

While I have long held a deep appreciation and reverence for entheogens (an umbrella term often used for many naturally derived psychedelics) as a way to promote personal growth, insight, and nature / spiritual connectivity; my path to facilitation began when I spend several months working with traditional plant medicine practitioners as part of my personal healing journey through grief.  After experiencing the significant positive impacts these medicines had in my own healing journey, I felt called to pursue facilitation as another modality of promoting positive growth in the world. I was excited when Oregon provided me with the opportunity to legally practice facilitation within the context of my own community.

As a facilitator, I draw on my diversity of experience to provide a well-rounded and consistently supported journey that starts with our first consultation and extends through to integrating the psilocybin experience into your daily life.  I draw on all of my life experience in my practice.  My work involving trauma informed care and crisis intervention allows me to be a calm and consistent supportive presence during other people's storms.  My experience in personal development and teaching allows me to fully educate and prepare clients for their personalized psilocybin journey and to develop achievable plans of integration that ensure the experience has a lasting positive impact.  Working hands-on with a wide variety of wildlife has honed my skills in nonverbal communication and empathy toward various forms of consciousness.  I also highly value being active in my own professional development and will be completing a psychedelically informed end of life doula certification this December.

It would be my honor to prepare and support you through your own psilocybin journey of growth, healing, and self-discovery.  The phrase "psilocybin assisted therapy" gets used a lot for these services, but that only implies the self (you the client).  The aim of these sessions is to connect you with your own inner healing, truth, and insight.  It is this experiential nature of the practice that provides significant lasting outcomes for clients (please click on the "Research" tab to see some of the clinical evidence that supports psilocybin's effectiveness when compared to other modalities commonly used in western medicine).  I will work with you to give you the tools you need to be as successful in this endeavor as possible.  

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